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Joanne Aquino Mariano.
18years of age || College Sophomore. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy||Holy Angel University.
I blog about MYSELF|| My Family|| My bestfriend|| My friends|| My photographs.
I follow wonderful blogs// I'm not really into reblogging. But I'm into liking.
Every photo I post here is mine. Except to those which have credits.
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Thanks for visiting! Godbless. :)

My words.

Cry once when someone hurt you. Cry again if the pain is still there. And cry the 3rd time when you remember all you’ve shared. But if that someone doesn’t even know that you’re in pain, stop crying. It’ll just make you pathetically insane. :)

Kanina ko lang nacompose yan. Narealize ko kasi yan sa mga nangyari. And yan yung nasabi ko kanina kay Dens. :)

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